Karpasia Nature Houses

About Site

Karpasia Nature Houses will be located in Mersinlik Houses opposite to Malibu
Hotel which is located in Erenköy region.
It is within walking distance to the beach and 1 km away from Karpaz Gate Marina.
All of our houses have a mountain view , as well as fresh air and unique beauty of
the coasts and seas in our region.
While building our Karpasia Nature Houses and other projects , our priority is to
protect the greenery and nature.
Following this, 3 extra olive trees will be planted to each house.

Site Details

Karpaz Nature Homes consist of 8 units, 3 bedrooms, adjoining residences and two storey residences. Our houses have been designed in such a way that the balconies do not look at each other. In addition, the roofs of the houses will be made as terraces, an extra kitchen will be added and a cupboard will be added. There is also an open-air car park where you can park your car in our homes where you can enjoy the view of the large terraces. When you are located on the mountain you will find peace of mind by seeing the greenness of the mountain and the blue sea.

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