About Karpasia

What Makes Karpasia Special ?

Karpaz Peninsula, which is considered the natural national park of Northern Cyprus, is home to many creatures with its magnificent sea and unique vegetation. This peninsula, which consists of an area of ​​80 kilometers from one end to the other, is the easternmost part of the island. You can discover the traces of history in the untouched, simple beauty of nature in the region, which hosts many ancient cities, monasteries and traces of various civilizations. Breathing in the combination of the scent of the sea and the freshness of maquis, pine and cypress trees becomes a completely different experience. Golden Sand Beach, the most famous beach of our island, is one of the important symbols of Karpaz with its long coastline and fine golden sand. This beach is considered one of the most important breeding grounds for Caretta Caretta and Chelonia Mydas sea turtles. In addition, another important value of Karpaz is the wild Cypriot donkeys. Donkeys, which have become the symbol of the region, are protected in the Karpaz National Conservation Park. Cyprus is located on two main European bird migration routes, and the Klidhes Islands located on the Karpaz Peninsula are considered the nesting area of ​​two rare species of birds. This region is an important migration corridor for thousands of birds, especially during the spring-autumn periods, and is also among the favorite places of many bird watchers.

Karpaz Gate Marina

Karpaz Gate Marina, the first modern yacht marina in Northern Cyprus, is the official port of entry to the country. In addition to marina services, the facility also offers services such as beach club, spa, restaurant, bar, gym and hotel. The facility, which adds value to the region with its stylish architecture, welcomes local and foreign visitors.


Ayios Philon Beach / Altın Kumsal

Named after the church of Ayios Philon, the beach is close to Ronnas Bay, the most important dune area on the northern coast. Ronnas Bay is a beach area located in the Dipkarpaz administrative area, approximately 3 km long, consisting of white sand, and is a turtle spawning ground. It is known that this bay is the 3rd most important spawning ground for green turtles in the entire Mediterranean region (Kasparek, Godly, and Broderick). , 2001) Ronnas Bay was taken under protection within the scope of Karpaz Special Environmental Protection Area (SEPA) based on the flora and fauna characteristics of the region and was recommended for protection within the scope of NATURA 2000.


Caretta caretta turtles – one of the main species of turtles found at beaches in Cyprus 

Apostolos Andreas Monastery

Karpaz Yarımada’sının en uç kısmı olan Zafer Burnu’nun güney kısmında bulunan manastır, yüzyıllardır Ortodoks inancına sahip Kutsal Topraklara hacca giden kişiler için önemli bir dinlenme noktası olmuştur. Manastırın günümüze kalan en eski kısmı, 15. yüzyıla ait kıyıya yakın inşa edilmiş şapel olup Aziz Andrew’ın getirdiği ifade edilen şifalı su bugün hala kullanılabilmektedir. Kıbrıs’ın ve Avrupa’nın kültürel mirası olarak kabul edilen önemli haç noktalarından Apostolos Andreas Manastırı, hem Ortodoks inanca sahip kişiler hem de diğer bölge ziyaretçileri tarafından ilgiyle ziyaret edilmektedir.


Cape Apostolos Andreas / Zafer Burnu

Cape Zafer is the tip of the Karpaz Peninsula. The closest settlement to Zafer Cape is Dipkarpaz village, and there is a distance of 21 kilometers between the cape and Dipkarpaz. The importance of Cape Zafer is that it is the tip of the island in the eastern part and the end point of the island. After this point, small islands in the sea and the magnificent waters of the Mediterranean begin.