Jasmine Site “Stage 1”

Jasmine Site project of Tanyel Construction and Estate Ltd. consists of 65  villas , bungalows and apartments in nine different plans in two stages.

Site Details

Jasmine Site consists of 2 Stages . Stage 1 consists of 41 households and Stage 2 is 24 households, totaling 65 households. We have 9 types of projects. The proximity to the center and alternative traffic routes make your life easier. As you enter the site, you are relieved of the intensity of the city and expect a peaceful environment. There are cafes, playgrounds, volleyball, basketball, soccer playgrounds, walking and running tracks, outdoor sports facilities surrounded by houses. Our aim is to get our children out of the virtual environment and socialize; to be healthy individuals. As the entrance to the site is controlled, the importance of afforestation and landscaping is emphasized and green vegetation cover is formed and a life in the city is experienced with nature.

1. Stage

S Type = 28 Piece

A Type = 2 Piece

D Type = 2 Piece

E Type = 4 Piece

C Type = 3 Piece

G Type = 2 Piece

2. Stage

F Type = 12 Piece

H Type = 6 Piece

L Type = 6 Piece

spor icon

Outdoor Sport Facilities

oyun oynayan kız iconu

Outdoor Kids Playground

kafe icon

Cafe & Patisserie

yürüyüş yapan adam iconu

Walking Path

Project Types

Payment Terms

Buyer: after agreeing a price for the property that they are interested in, the payment conditions and plans are then prepared. Payment plans vary according to the property being purchased. Our company offers a 36 month interest-free payment plan for properties that are being newly built. Additionally, our company has agreements in place with some local banks that can offer customers longer term (up to 10 years) loans with low interest rates.


The location of the Jasmine site is very convenient. It is on the Nicosia-
Famagusta mainroad , minutes drive to Famagusta city center.

  • 5 KM to D.A.Ü.
  • 9 KM to Famagusta Walled City
  • 5 KM to Hospital
  • 7 Km to Glapsides