About Us

Founded in 1995 as a family company, Tanyel Construction & Estate Ltd. first entered the sector with land parceling and infrastructure projects, and in 1997, it first implemented the “Karpaz Holiday Homes” project in the Yeni Erenköy-Karpaz region. Operating as a group company, Tanyel Construction & Estate Ltd. It has construction, real estate and rental houses departments under its roof.

Our company attaches utmost importance to the protection of nature and the accommodation of nature lines around the project during the adaptation phase of our projects to the land. In each of our projects, we aim to create site areas where greenery is protected and enriched and to use sustainable, ecological materials. We aim to create projects where the colorful serenity of nature is preserved, living spaces are surrounded by this atmosphere, and to achieve organic comfort in the houses we build using all the textures of the earth. We believe that we contribute to the residents of the site collecting peaceful memories by creating pleasant and safe site environments focused on family life. At the point we have reached today, we have made both local and foreign people homeowners with the 385 houses we have produced, and we have happily hosted guests from many foreign countries in our rental holiday houses. In 2024, we returned to the Yeni Erenköy-Karpaz region with the “Nature Houses” project. As in every project, we are working to create a quality and comfortable living space integrated with the simple beauty of nature.

Our Mission / Vision

With our humble stance towards nature, we aim to preserve both the architectural and social closeness of the Mediterranean culture while creating the most basic need of human beings, shelter. We aim to create many more projects with handcrafted and fine workmanship, while protecting nature, which we respect, with quality and sustainable materials.

Our principles that make us who we are; We want to introduce our culture and country to the world through projects that meticulously reflect the needs of our customers, by establishing dialogues in which sincerity and honesty are at the forefront, outside of the usual hierarchical structures.